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By Jeremy Lamar (????)
Blinky 3 is a sidescrolling game where you need to make your way across the level and defeat enemies. The game is relatively simple and some people find the game enjoyable.

This game was created using a very old game maker utility however when you compare it to other games made from such utility it is pretty good. If you’re looking for a sidescroller then this game is prefect for you as it does everything you expect it to and it is actually quite challenging.

Blinky 3 Gameplay

The gameplay in Blinky 3 is pretty straight forward where you need to kill monsters while trying to find an exit. In one level there are three different exits so finding one shouldn’t be too hard. Each of these exits however led to a different level with a total of 30 different levels in total.

Your character depending on which one you choose will have a short range attack for both left and right and the same for a long range attack. You also can either jump straight up or to the left or right depending on the button you press. The controls however is very difficult and I found I kept pressing the wrong ones but you could get used to it with practice.

The graphics in the game are pretty good and it’s easy to tell stuff apart however I did find some times the terrain looked like it was part of the background but it wasn’t. Apart from the controls this is a pretty amazing game and if you love sidescrollers then you will most likely love this game.

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