Night Raid

By Software Creations (1993)

Night Raid is a bit like missile command but in this game you need to shoot down various amount of paratroopers, bombs, planes and much more.

The object of the game is to shoot the invading forces down before they’re able to hit the ground.

Night Raid Gameplay

The gameplay in Night Raid is pretty simple, you control a turret on the ground and simply shoot trying to hit the invading forces that are flying and dropping in. The controls in the game are as simple as the gameplay, simply use the arrow keys to control the direction of the canon and space to fire.

The scoring in the game is pretty easy. Every time you shoot the following down you will receive the respective points.

Paratroopers: 2 points
Big Planes : 5 Points
Little Planes: 10 points
Smart bombs: 10 points.

Check out this YouTube video if you like to see the gameplay in action.


The game while simple is still fun and can be quite addictive. The presentation and the sound are nice adding a little extra to the game. If you’re not after a game that has very simple gameplay then it’s probably best to avoid this one.

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By Chris Allen (2003)

Nibbler is a game that is based off the popular snake game.

The object of the game is simple in that all you need to do is move around the map eating items whilst avoiding obstacles and your ever growing tail.

Nibbler Gameplay

The gameplay in Nibbler is pretty straight forward, simply use the arrow keys to navigate around the level. The gameplay is pretty much like every snake you have probably ever played.

You will need to avoid walls, your tail and any other nasty things that may exist within a level if you want to stay alive and win the game!

Nibbler Summary

The game has really decent graphics, sound and a good variety of enemies that you will need to watch out for. If you love snake and looking for a great clone to play then this is one you will not be disappointed in.

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Mr Boom

By Remedy (1999)

Mr Boom is a clone of Bomberman, the game plays very well and is a surprisingly good clone.

If you’re a fan of Bomberman then you should probably check out this game as there is a lot of similarities between the two. This game is designed for multiple players, the game being able to incorporate eight players over a network or you can set it up so you can have a two players in hot seat mode.

Mr Boom Gameplay

Hoping into the game is pretty straight forward, all you need to do is press the space bar for player 1 and 0 on the keypad for player 2. Once you have done that just hit return and you’re straight into the game.
Below are the controls for a 2 player hot seat game

Action Left player Right player
Bomb space bar 0 (digit pad)
Remote Control TAB . (digit pad)
Jump LOCK to jump right return (digit pad)
Movement a,q,t,y arrows

If you need further info on controls within Mr Boom just check out the MrBoom30.TXT included in the download, it will contain all the information you need.

Summary of Mr Boom

If you enjoy playing games with friends and looking for a good arcade one then Mr Boom is exactly that. If you’re looking for a single player game then you’re out of luck, unfortunately this only has multi-player support.

Mr Boom Multiplayer Screen
Note: Almost all DOS games will not run on a modern operating system, luckily you can download DOSbox a DOS emulator that lets you play all these amazing games on your computer.

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Mice Men

By Soleau Software (1995)
Mice Men is a unique game where the object of the game is to get your mice to the other side of the board before your opponent does. In this version of the game you will always play as the blue mice while the computer plays as the red mice.

If you enjoy games that require a little bit of thinking and a tad bit of strategy then this is a game you should check out. You are also still able to buy this game if you wanted to at Soleau Software.

Mice Men Gameplay

The game board consists of 19 columns and 13 rows of various cheese pieces. At the start of the game the blue mice are always on the left and the red are always on the right.

When it is your turn to play special pushing poles are shown at the bottom of each column where you have mice located. You can use the left and right arrow keys to select which column you want to alter.

Pushing a certain column up or down will shift the entire column in that direction. It also wraps around so that the mice at the top will appear at the bottom if pushed off the screen.

This pushing and pulling will continue until either side gets all their mice to the other side of the board. The first player who gets all their mice to the other side are declared the winners.

Mice Men Summary

Overall Mice Men is a pretty decent DOS game and is pretty fun to play a couple times over. The game doesn’t quite hold your attention for too long especially compared some of the more modern addictive games.

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By James Bunting  (2001)

Meteor not only plays great but it is simply just a great way to blow stuff up. This action pack DOS game is certainly a game worth playing, also with a level editor the amount of replay value it offers is huge.

Meteor Gameplay

The gameplay is pretty straight forward and isn’t difficult to understand the concepts. The movement of the character is easy that simply uses the number keys, arrow keys and of course the space bar.

The objectives in the game usually involve gaining keys so you are able to progress through the levels.

When you are doing these objectives you will come across many enemies some really dangerous while others are just cannon fodder. The carnage in the game is great and well worth playing if you’re into that. There is also more Meteor games available at James Bunting’s website.

Meteor Game Summary

Overall is is a great game that has not only great gameplay but good graphics and sound as always. If you’re action fan then this is certainly a game that you should look into downloading.

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