About DOS Games

DOS Games are games that have been built for the DOS computer systems. DOS is short for “Disk Operating System” and was widely used back between 1991 and 1995 until about Microsoft Windows 1995. There is a wide variety of DOS operating system that was used across many different operating systems.

During the life span of this operating system many games were produced these games started with very simple ones such as pong and pacman and slowly grew include many amazing games such as the SimCity series.

Many of these games have helped bring gaming to the billion dollar industry it is known as today. A lot of the old classic companies have unfortunately failed to keep up with times with Atari and a few other amazing game developers struggling to pay the bills.

To play a DOS game all you need to do is download the DOSbox emulator which will allow you to play most games on the modern operating system such as Windows, Mac and other not so popular operating system.

This site have a huge library of game that you are able to download and play with large packs as well such as the freeware and shareware pack.

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