Larax And Zaco

Larax and Zaco

By Zanobi Software (1996)

Larax and Zaco is quite a different game and can be a bit hard to understand what the objective of the game is.It does however offer something that is very different and won’t see in many modern games that you will find on the shelf today.

The game does do some things well and others not so well and is definitely worth looking at if you’re into unique and different games.

Larax And Zaco GamePlay

You are able to play the game with either one or two players depending on what you prefer and if you have anyone else to play the game with. The game is based on a level structure so you will need to complete the current level in order to advance to the next stage.

In order to complete a level you must collect a certain amount of bonuses and also destroy a certain amount of the existing structures that are within the level. The best way to do this is strategically placing your bombs in a position where it will cause most damage to the building.

However it is important that you think about where you place your bombs otherwise you could end up burying your player or destroying vital bonuses that you would need to complete the level.
Later in the levels you will encounter monsters that will chase you and drain off your energy what will eventually cause you to die and loose a life.

Overall Larax and Zaco is a pretty decent game with ok graphics and pretty lackluster sound however the game play does try to do something different what will appeal to many people who like different games. I highly recommended that you alter the speed of the game because I thought It was quite slow and the controls were sluggish. I ran this game on DOSbox and encountered no problems apart from the game speed and the sluggish response of the controls. The controls are also in a weird spot on the keyboard.

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