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By DotEmu (1997)

Krypton Egg game is similar to Arkanoid or breakout however it features many improvements over these examples and does a good job on improving on those games.

The game  features a ball and paddle much like the games it is based of but it also has power ups  that can be annoying and make the game harder. Here are some of the ones you will most likely see drop from the broken bricks.

  • Glue will make the ball not rebound from the tray anymore. It will stick to the tray and you will be able to re-throw the ball.
  • Multi Ball will make the ball divide itself you will not lose until you miss both of these
  • Bigger ball will make the ball increase in size by double.
  • Frozen Tray freezes the tray in one place for a second. ( This one I find annoying)

Krypton Egg Game Play Video

Check out Krypton Egg’s game play in progress below.

In Krypton Egg there are also different kinds of monsters that will deflect the ball if it hits it increasing the difficulty of the game. Every time you manage to miss a ball you will lose a life and this will continue untill you have no lives left then the game will end. If you’re a breakout or arkanoid fan then you will love this game.

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