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By Apogee Software (1990)

Kroz is a game that holds a special place in the history of Apogee it is known as the “First Apogee” game and was released in the late 1987.

This game was removed from the Apogees product line many years ago and Apogee has had many requests for the game to be released as freeware.


In the game you will collect gems as the player character goes along each time a monster touches him the player will lose one of these gems and the monster will die. The character does have some sort of defense that consists of of whips that can be used to kill either monsters or certain walls that are breakable. A whip however can only be used once.

A variety of levels are generated randomly and tend to be really obvious they have been generated at random. It will probably involve a mad dash through a wave of enemies to pick up the valuable objects then escape from the level. In order to do well at this game you will need to take careful conservation gems and whips, it is often better to let a enemy to take a gem rather than use a valuable whip that may be needed later on to break down a wall or something.

The Kroz Pack Includes:

The following are the seven games that are included in this game pack and are in a “play order” as you can see it is not the same as the release date order.

  • Caverns of Kroz – 1989
  • Dungeons of Kroz – 1988
  • Kingdom of Kroz – 1987
  • Return to Kroz – 1989
  • Temple of Kroz – 199
  • The Final Crusade of Kroz – 1990
  • Kingdom of Kroz II – 1990
  • The Lost Adventures of Kroz – 1990

This pack has all the pascal source files as well as the actual games themselves.

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