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By Robert M. Hirbernik (1991)

Kris Kros is a game where you can play with up to four people or just by yourself. In the game you form words by placing letter tiles on the grid. This is very similar to a cross word but ¬†doesn’t have any clues to help you. If anything it is a cross breed between scrabble and crosswords.

When you start a game you will be able to select how many people will be playing in the game. The timer is started when the player 1 hits the play button. You will then get a randomly crossword pattern and a random bunch of words. You then will attempt to fit some words into the crossword pattern and if the word is allowed the letters will then turn yellow.

When you complete the entire crossword pattern you will be able to move to another pattern by hitting the play button or you can stop the timer by clicking the stop button and collect the points gained during the turn. If the player fails to complete a pattern then they will receive no points for the turn.

Check out the video below for some Kris Kros gameplay

The game is over whenever one or more players scores reach 500 points. The winner is the player with the highest score at the end of the final round.

I was able to play the game on the default DOSbox settings but I didn’t experiment so a different cycle may perform differently. (Eg. Timer my be longer on a shorter cycle(800))

Download Kris Kros

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