Koolah Game

By Marko Teittinen (1991)

The idea behind Koolah was based off a children’s game where you try to guide a metal ball through a wooden maze without touching the actual ball. The ball would be controlled with two knobs on the side of the maze. On of these will lean the maze horizontally and the other vertically.

The idea around Koolah is basically the same as the children’s game. However this version uses the arrow keys to control the movement.

There are different mazes, scoring, time limits and other cool little features in the game. If you like puzzles this is surely a game that you should check out.

The graphics in the game are fairly average and the sounds effects are again nothing special and won’t really add any extra layer to the game. It still is however an outstanding DOS game that you should consider having a play whenever you have some free time.

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