Kingdom of Syree

Kingdom of Syree Game

By Everlasting Software (1992)

The Kingdom of Syree is a a game that will most likely only to fully appeal to the hardcore RPG players. Most other people will find it not very there type of game and will be turned off by some of the qualities that game lacks in.

This game will run in DOSbox fine without any drastic changes to the settings however you might find that you would want to tweak the settings a little.

Kingdom Of Syree Gameplay

This game has plenty of RPG features that any one who is a fan on the genre will love. In the game you’re able to attack enemies  that are in your way or anyone who you come across in the game. You’re also able to board things such as frigates and horses. The movement commands in the game consist of compass directions such as north, south, east and west these will dictate on where to the move the player around the world. The game also consist of magic that you’re able to cast and also a lot more commands that you can use to interact with the game world.

If you’re a fan of graphics and sound then this game is probably not for you as it features no sound and has pretty poor graphics and not much of a story line either. It however has plenty of RPG exploring, killing and other interactions that you would expect to find in a RPG.

Overall Kingdom of Syree as mentioned above is really only for the real hardcore RPG players and will probably be overwhelming for anyone who is not use to the amount of choices you’re able to make in the game. It is also not visually attractive that will turn off many modern gamers making it probably only good for anyone who remembers playing this game back when it was first released.

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