Kiloblaster Game

By Epic MegaGames (1992)

Kiloblaster is a game that is designed to a fast action arcade game. The game features over 30 unique levels that offers a different variety of enemies to be fighting.

It features VGA graphics, sound and also joystick support for those people who love playing these old school games with a joystick.

If you love old school space games then this is one that you should probably check out as it offers some pretty awesome features.

Kiloblaster Gameplay

In kiloblaster the object of the game is to survive each level while destroying waves of enemies. Each enemy is unique and offers a variety of attacks that range of simple bullets to missiles and other devastating weapons.  The game is relatively simple with very basic controls and about average graphics for a DOS Games. The graphics in the game is pretty average when it comes to DOS games but is probably still better than a fair few games that are currently out there. The sound is alright but depending on your tolerance on sounds that appear in most DOS games you might want to turn this off.

The basic keys for the game are as followed:

  • Fire – Fire the main ship’s gun by using either “SPACE” or “SHIFT”
  • Bombs – Fire bombs or missiles using “ALT”
  • Movement – Use the arrow keys to move the ship
  • Pause – “P” will pause the game
They’re the main keys you will need to know in order to play the game there are a fair few more these can be found in the HELPME file in the zip file.  I was able to run this game prefectly in DOSbox without any tweaks or adjustments to the clock speed.
Overall Kiloblaster is a great game for anyone who likes space games where the action is relatively fast and enjoys getting points for kills and collecting items.

Download Kiloblaster

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