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By Adept Software (1999)

Jetpack is a platform game where the object is flying around various boards using your jetpack.

You will need to also avoid monsters while collecting items these items from my play through these monsters will kill you in one hit so avoiding them is a must.

Jetpack also features a full-featured level editor so you will be able create your own custom levels and share these with friends or anyone on the internet.

Jetpack Gameplay

In game you need to move around a level collecting items and avoiding any monsters that are flying around. Each item has a different score and some will give you special effects such as more fuel or a shield.

There is a phase shifter that you are able to use this will tunnel through bricks. Different brick types will require different times to be able to break through. Certain items can also be effected by the phase shifter but you need to experiment to find out what these are.

There are also teleporters that are able to transport you around the levels as well as barriers that are designed to block your progress. The barriers are able to disabled by pressing buttons of the same colour. Monsters are able to use these switches as well.


In the start menu you the game will display what keys you will need to press to go into that section of the menu or start a game.
However while playing the controls are as followed

  • “Space Bar” Toggle Status Bar
  • “F1” Quick Help on controls
  • “F10” Pause/Boss Key
  • “ESC” Kill This Life
  • “Q” Quit

Movement controls are:

  • “Arrow Keys” Movement
  • Jetpack “ALT” Or “Keypad 0” or “insert
  • Phase Shifter “Control”

I was able to play this game running in DOSbox on 3000 cycles relatively fine with the game running at a decent speed.

Download Jetpack

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