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By Eldon D Martin (1993)

Jellyfish is a very interesting arcade game that can be quite addictive after a few attempt. The game takes place in the water where you take the control of a jelly fish who needs to dodge seaweed while trying to collect bubbles and coins for points.

If you love arcade games then you will probably love this one with the really simple graphics and the basic sound the gameplay does kind of suck you in. It is really simple and you can learn in the space of a minute. There is 9 different levels of difficulty so you will most likely certainly be able to work out which is the best for you.

Jellyfish Gameplay

In the game you take control a jelly fish who you need to guide through the level dodging walls of seaweed and other nasties that live in the water. If you die you will lose a life and start from the start again.
The controls are really simple you will only need to learn two buttons and that is “J” for left and “L” for right. These two keys is all what you will be using in the space of a level unless you need help than that is “?”.

The higher the difficulty the game will move faster the lower and the game will move slow however the controls can still be quite painful on slow as it can be a bit slow to respond to a key press.


Overall JellyFish is a pretty simple but good arcade game and has sold gameplay. The graphics in the game are kind of really old but it doesn’t stop it from being a great game. The nine difficulties in the game certainly add a bit of replay value allowing for a player to play over and over and experience a whole new challenge.

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