Invaders 1978

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By James Eibisch (1996)

Invaders 1978 is a space invaders clone that is really just a simple basic remake of a game. There isn’t really much to this game as it is just a remake. If you love space invaders but haven’t been able to find a compatible version of the original then this game is prefect.
If you love arcade games then you should certainly take a look at this game as it is a remake of one of the best classics that has ever been produced.

Invaders 1978 Gameplay

The gameplay in Invaders 1978 follows exactly the same out of Space Invaders so you control a little tank at the bottom of the screen that shoots upwards. You will need to shoot all the invaders down before they get down the bottom of the screen.
The invaders will get faster and fast as they get closer to the bottom of the screen. It really gets quite hard but is certainly a lot of fun.


Overall Invaders 1978 is a great remake and should be certainly on your to play list.

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