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By Audiogenic (1988)

Impact is yet another Arkanoid/Breakout clone where you hit a ball up into a wall of blocks. The game is very basic and doesn’t do much different than the original. It does introduce a pretty cool power-up system but apart from that noting too special.

If you’re a fan of Arkanoid games then you will probably find this one fun for a while until you get bored of it due to the fact that the only big new thing is the powerups.

Impact Gamemplay

In Impact it plays very much like the Arkanoid model where you have your paddle and using this you hit the ball. When you hit the ball it will bounce back up towards the bricks knocking whichever it hits.

The game does have a very interesting power-up feature where when you hit the blocks they drop coin like items. These coins are then use to buy power ups the more you save the better the power up you will be able to buy. This is the main feature that most puts Impact apart from any other Arkanoid clone.


Overall Impact is a decent clone but with the power up feature being the only real change to the game it will probably become boring pretty fast. The graphics in the game are decent but certainly do show their age.

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