Hexxagon Game

By Software Creations (1993)

Hexxagon is an enjoyable puzzled game where the object is to takeover the game board with your own color.

The game board can also be saved and edited, the game includes a single player mode and also has a 2 player option if that is what you’re looking for.

The game is fun to play and has a nice overall feel to it and is great for anyone looking at playing a puzzle game.

Hexxagon Gamplay

The object of the game in Hexxagon is to take over the board before you opponent does this makes the game play relatively simple but at the same time can be quite complex. There are two types of moves you able to do one is represented by green neon outline this will duplicate your game piece. The other is move is for two spaces and is represented by a yellow neon glow this will move your game piece and not duplicate it.

Some hints for playing game is never leave a hole in the the territory you already dominate this will leave a vital space for the other play to be able to claim. Remember the object is to cover as much as the board as possible so try and keep a solid front flank.

Overall hexxagon is a great puzzle game and will be loved by anyone who likes these types of slower games. It is not for everyone and the game was moving too slow for me to put up a example of what the game play actually is. If you’re interested in the game then I strongly suggest taking a look at it because it is not a bad game and you might actually enjoy it.

The game was able to run on DOSbox with no problems however I found the AI player taking his turns to really slow so if increasing the clock speed increases his speed then I strongly suggest doing it.

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