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By RealTech (1999)

Heroes is a very interesting snake game that pits you against other players. There is multiple game modes in the game these include modes such as quest, death match, kill them all, time cash and colour mode.

If you like snake like games this one is actually really good and really tries to be different from other snake games. The multiple game modes is awesome which adds a huge amount of replay value as every mode is actually quite different from each other.

Heroes Gameplay

In the game you start of as a regular sized snake throughout a match you will grow or get smaller depending on what items you pick up. The many power ups scattered across the level all do something different with some making in invulnerable while others will make gain an extra life.

The levels in the game are not like any other snake game as they have ramps, death traps, corridors and much more that makes it a lot harder to try avoiding dying. You will need to employ a bit of strategy in order to trap the other snakes and cause them to die.

The multiple game modes all have lengthy description describing on what is different in that mode. This description be found in the info mode that is very handy on when you want to choose which mode you want to play.

The game also supports multiplayer so you are able to have 2 players in the one game. This is a cool feature that allows you to play the game with people and certainly adds more replay value to the game.


Overall Heroes is an amazingly good game and is well worth downloading. The gameplay is relatively simple but the tactics you will need to put into play throughout a level can be complex.

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