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By iD Software(1994)

Heretic is first person shooter fantasy game that was built on a modified version of the Doom engine. It is one of the first FPS games that featured an inventory manipulation system and the ability to look up and down. It also brought in a large range of other features that I won’t go into detail.

If you enjoy first person shooter games then you should certainly check Heretic out as it quite a decent game and has some pretty cool features. It has nice solid level design and all the core FPS features plus more. The game was not largely popular when it was first released but still do quite decent.

Heretic Gameplay

The gameplay is really similar to the original Doom game where you need to find certain keys in order to get into new areas and progress through the game. The weapons in the game are pretty much the same as what you would find in Doom.

It does bring in some different items such as ones that can transform the enemies into chickens. Another one that turns all the projectiles from normal weapons into something more deadly.

There isn’t a huge amount more to say about the gameplay in Heretic as it is pretty much the same you would find in Doom. It still is a pretty good game to play though and does have some features that was new to the DOS era of gaming.


Overall Heretic is a great game that is well worth downloading. The game has solid level design and the graphics and sounds of the game are pretty decent.

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