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By Jens Hassler (2000)

Gravity Force is a game where you control a little ship where your goal is collect all the cargo scattered around and return it back to your home base. This version of Gravity Force is a recreation of the Amiga 500 version of the game. This game is certainly something pretty cool and probably be able to get your attention for quite some time.

This version of the game is much like the original but has some extra features put in such as missions which can’t be found in any “Thrust”-clone. There is also something new in every single level and also search destroy missions to go alongside the normal cargo pick up missions as well.

Gravity Force Gameplay

In the game there is actually quite a bit to do such as a various amount of missions all with different objectives. A lot of these missions have the same goals but others will require to do something else just to mix the gameplay up.

Throughout the game you will have to try and fight the gravity as it attempts to pull you down to the ground. You will also need to fight off enemies all while trying to pick up cargo. The games difficulty is certainly at a higher rating then most games out there.

You will have several weapons to help combat the enemy these include weapons such as double shot guns, single shot, ballistic bomb, mega bomb, guided missiles and mines. The arsenal is pretty huge so you will have no trouble fighting off those enemies.


Overall Gravity Force is certainly a game that you should take a look at and play though at least once or twice. The graphics in the game is pretty nice and the sound again is pretty decent. The game is quite hard but certainly is a bit fun to play through.

Download Gravity Force

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