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By Capstone Software (1993)

Grandmaster Chess is an interesting chess game that was developed by Intracorp. The game was built with a neural network technology so that the Artificial intelligence could learn from its mistakes. This is definitely a pretty cool AI technique as it is constantly learning from its mistakes and making changes so it is always improving.

If you love chess games then you will love this game however if you’re not a fan of chess it’s pretty obvious that you won’t enjoy this game. The game does offer both VGA and SVHA modes.

Grandmaster Chess Gameplay

The game features different sets of pieces, different boards and backgrounds, 2D/3D view, pull down menus and also multiple skill levels to choose from. The game certainly does have a lot to it and the AI in the game is pretty smart.

The gameplay is pretty easy as it replicates the actual game of chess completely. If you know how to play chess then you will have no problem with this game.


Overall Grandmaster Chess is a pretty amazing chess game with plenty of features it certainly should be on your to play list if you like chess.

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