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By DMA Design (1997)

Grand Theft Auto 2 when it was first released back in 1997 was quite a unique and controversial game it also became quite popular despite all the controversy.

The series has continued to be very successful with many more being released has become a extremely popular series with many more planned to come out in the future.

If you like the games as they are now then you will probably love this old school version as it is still very popular among many of the DOS game players. You will also be able to see how grand theft auto has managed to become the huge brand it is today.

Grand Theft Auto 2 Gameplay

In the game you play the role of a typical mob henchman who must complete a variety of different tasks such as stealing cars, making deliveries or putting out a hit on some one. It is still very similar to the modern grand theft auto games without the fancy effects and graphics.

The controls in the game are really easy to use with the movement, shooting and weapon selection being the typical setup you will find in most games. The controls are responsive and again like most of the game is high quality and something you would expect from a company such as DMA Design (Now Known As Rockstar North) .

Grand Theft Auto 2 features a lot of polish for a DOS game and  is a very good quality product and I would highly recommend downloading it if you’re into these types of games.  The sound and graphics are of high quality and you will be impressed on how well presented the game is considering how old it is. You will see why the grand theft series is so popular today.

If you love the Grand Theft Auto series then you should take a look at the game just follow the link below and download it and be able to judge it for yourself.

Download Grand Theft Auto 2

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