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By Joseph Parnau (1991)

Gofer Pop is a very simple game where you shoot gophers using a gun as they pop their heads out of the ground. The game is very easy and probably won’t keep you playing for very long as there is not much to the game at all. There are several different names for the game these are as followed Goferpop, Gopherpop or Gopher pop.

If you love really simple arcade games then you will like this one but there really is not much depth to it so the fun factor will probably be very short lived.

Gofer Pop Gameplay

In Gofer pop you control a gun using the mouse this hovers over the grass area where the gophers pop up. All you need to do is shoot by clicking and attempt to shoot as many as possible before the game is over. There are a few stats displayed at the end but the game as mentioned many times is quite shallow.


Overall Gofer Pop is a pretty average game but can be a bit of fun for a while. The graphics are really simple in the game and each gopher will explode when you shoot it so there is also a bit of gore. Unfortunately this game won’t hold your attention for very long but it is really small so it is worth a play through.

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