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By Bitmap Brothers (1991)

Gods is platform game that puts you in control of Hercules in his quest to gain immortality. The game was praised for its unique features and pushing the technical abilities of the machines to the limit. It scored well with many critics at the time because of this innovation and solid gameplay.

The enemy AI would be able to adapt to the players position also to the skill you’re using. This is only one example of many in the game.

If you enjoy platform games then you should certainly check this game out as is does do many things right and shows off some pretty cool features what were new for its time.

Gods Gameplay

In game you play as Hercules where you must go do the gods work for them. In the game you do a lot of running jumping with many of precise and timed jumping required in order to complete a lot of the puzzles. Due to this feature many of the game can become quite frustrating and time consuming.

Throughout the game there are several weapons that you are able to buy which you can use up to three of these simultaneously. You will also need to think a little about the weapons you choose as each of these will provide you with benefits and cons so it is important you look into this when you’re playing the game.

There are four levels in total each with a Guardian at the end that you will need to defeat. Once you have defeated the guardian you will get to meet a trader whom you will be able to buy new more powerful weapons.


Overall Gods is a very good platform game with many cool features to it and is polished quite well. If you’re fan of this genre then I strongly suggest that you play this game as it ticks all the boxes for being a decent DOS game.

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