By Filipe Mateus (1994)

Gobman is one of many Pacman clones that you will find on the DOS gaming platform. It is almost identical to the original pacman with a few changes here and there.

If you’re a pacman fanatic then the chances are that you will like Gobman as it does do some pretty cool things and offers at least 30 minutes worth of gameplay.

Gobman Gameplay

If you have ever played a pacman game then you will realise this plays exactly the same with no changes to the basic mechanics. The feature that makes this game not a completely clone is there is quite a big variety of different game board layouts. This means you will be able play many different levels and they will be mostly very unique from each other.

In Gobman you also can get new items that are different than in other versions to help you collect dots and avoid getting killed by the ghosts. The basic items you will see in other games are still there and do exactly the same effects as what you expect them to.

The overall difficulty in the game is not as intense as you would find in other pacman games with the first level being surprisingly easy with the difficulty slowly picking up across the levels. The game does play smoothly and won’t have any major hiccups. I did come across one little thing but it didn’t affect the actual gameplay.

You will need to run Gobman in DOSbox in order to play the game on most operating systems this is a freeware tool and is really easy to use once you have learnt the basics.

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