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By John Calhoun (1991)

Glider is a very simple arcade like game where you fly a paper glider around a house. There isn’t a huge amount to this game as it is really simple but can be fun at times.

If you’re a fan of really simple but fun games then you will probably find this game quite decent. This game reminds me of something that you would find on a flash game website where you will go when you were avoiding work or school work.

Glider Gameplay

In the game you control a paper glider that you guide throughout a house. You will need to avoid obstacles and never touch the floor in order to win. The game is in fact a little more fun than what it sounds.
The controls for the game are pretty easy and you will have no trouble learning on how to control your glider.


Overall Glider is a very basic but fun game where you will probably spend maybe more than a few minutes playing through the game. The graphics in the game are pretty decent but it would need to be to make up for the very simple game play.

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