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By Rainer Sinsch (1998)

Giana Sisters 32k is a platform adventure game where you travel through levels hitting blocks and enemies while collecting crystals. The game is very much like the original super Mario in which you do the similar thing but with coins and instead of diamonds.

If you enjoy platform games then you will enjoy this game and with the size of this game being so small there is really no reason why you should not take a look at this game.

Giana Sisters 32k Gameplay

The gameplay in this game is really simple with the overall goal is to collect diamonds, kill enemies and keep advancing throughout the levels until you get to the end.

The controls of the game is really easy with the basic arrow keys being the way you’re able to move around. Each direction key represents the way you will move in for example left being left and up being jump.

I found the game to run very slow on the default settings for DOSbox so in order to get it to a much playable rate I changed the CPU cycles to about 32708. This made the animations smooth and the overall game a lot smoother as well but not too fast.


Overall Giana Sisters 32k is a very decent game with solid gameplay and has a new version of the game coming out soon (Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams). The graphics in the game is very decent and really adds to the game however sound is lacking from this version obviously due to its size. It does still have background music to it so it’s not completely silent.

Download Giana Sisters 32k

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