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By Homebrew Software (1995)

Gateworld is a side scrolling shooter that is very much like the original Duke Nukem and similar games in the genre. In the game you control Captain Klondike where your ship has crashed on a unknown planet and must find fuel for the ship.

If you enjoy sidescrolling shooter games then you will enjoy this game quite a bit as it does have a lot to offer. There is a few issues with game but that certainly shouldn’t stop you from having a go at this game.

Gateworld Gameplay

In Gateworld the gameplay is very much like any other game in the genre where you will need to shoot, jump and venture through the world. The Controls in the game is very simple and has been chosen so that playing the game is fairly easy.

The pistol in the game is the weapon that you will start off with and you will need to make sure you conserve ammo as you only have a limited amount. You can find more ammo throughout the levels to help you fight more enemies.

Your health in the game is represented as energy with each time you being hit you will lose one bar and once you lose all your bars you will die and have to start over.

There is also a score system in the game this can be added to by getting objects that are usually scattered across the map. There are probably more factors to the score that I am not one hundred percent on.

The performance of this game on DOSbox does seem to be a bit patchy but after turning the CPU clock up a little bit seems to help the problem.


Overall Gateworld is a pretty cool side scrolling shooter with some pretty cool features that have helped the game be pretty decent.

The game does have a few problems and certainly doesn’t have the same amount of polish Duke Nukem had but is certainly still a game you should try out.

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