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By Brian Goble (1990)

Galatic Battle is an interesting arcade shoot-em up game that has been designed as a single player game. The game is set around an interplanetary spaceships which is under your control (The Captain). There are some pretty cool features in the game is the gameplay is pretty simple but solid.

If you’re a fan of arcade shooting games then you will probably find this game enjoyable however If you don’t know you may find it hard to enjoy this game or becoming bored fairly fast.

Galatic Battle Gameplay

The ships you control in Galatic Battle can be controlled by either a joystick, mouse or a keyboard. The ship can be moved anywhere in the bottom of the quarter of the map or you can just keep it in one spot if you wanted to. The ship has an energy shield and also a weapon that is able to shoot.

When you’re firing you will need to make sure you that you have released the fire button in order to fire again. You also won’t be able to fire if there is a maximum number of shots on screen.

When you’re in a combat the ship utilizes a unit of energy every few seconds and also you will use one unit of energy every time you shoot and the shields as well consumes energy. If you run out of energy you will explode and lose.

There are over 100 different aliens that you will need to battle they will deploy in different waves and formations making it hard to know how they are going to hit you


Overall Galatic Battle is quite a decent game with many cool features and amazing amount of different enemies in the game. There are bosses and infinite amount of levels making this one good arcade shoot game.

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