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By Cygnus Software (????)

Galactix is a scrolling space shooter where you travel space destroying any enemies that come onto the screen. The game is very simple but is actually quite fun to play with many levels to play through. The game does get harder as you destroy more and more waves of enemies.

If you love scrolling space shooters then this is certainly one you should play through as it is a bit of fun

Galactix Gameplay

The gameplay in Galactix is very simple and doesn’t really require too much skill. In the game you command a ship you are able to go left and right and fire missiles, bullets and also bombs. Using these weapons you will need to destroy all the enemies on the screen.

Bombs are very handy to use in the game as they will wipe all the enemies off the screen however you only have a limited amount of these so you will need to use them carefully. As they are very handy in later missions when the enemies are harder to destroy

Your ship in the game has health that will slowly regenerate however is very rare you can take advantage of this as you will be probably shot down before you are able to do anything.


Overall Galactix is very decent game but is also very simple making it a very nice game to play through a few times but you probably won’t get too addicted to it. The graphics in the game are very nice and the sound is good but it can get really annoying.

Download Galactix

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