Flatworm II

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By Murray Brandon (1994)

Flatworm II is a typical snake like game it does however have some twists to it such as being able to get power ups and credits. This is an interesting combination and certainly adds another layer to such a classic game.

If you’re snake game fan then you should check out this one as it takes the basic gameplay of snake and attempts to build on it and hopefully produce a better game.

Flatworm II Gameplay

In the game you are able to play the game much like you played any other snake game. You control your snake using the arrow keys and you can use the “insert” key in order to use an item. These controls aren’t changeable from what I could find but they are in a pretty decent location.

You are also able to collect credits in the game these allow to visit a store and purchase power-ups so you have them ready at the start of a game. One of the probably things what is kind of annoying is the power up icons because they are pretty similar and sometimes hard to tell apart or what they even do.

The game does play every well and also has the option of playing multiplayer that allows you and a friend to play on the same keyboard. This feature is pretty cool but it can be a bit cramped trying to both play from the same keyboard.


Overall Flatworm II is a very decent snake game and has been a quite a decent success. The game does have some awesome qualities about it and the power ups are pretty cool.

Download Flatworm 2

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