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By Bethesda Softworks (1993)

The Elder Scrolls – Arena is the first game in the very popular Elder Scrolls series which now sells millions of copies of any new release. This version of the game was made free as of part of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the series.
If you love role playing games then this is certainly one you will love. The game has a lot of basic features that has made the Elder Scrolls as popular as it is today. Like the rest of the games it takes place on the continent of Tamriel that has dungeons, wilderness and other cool environments.

Elder Scrolls – Arena Gameplay

Like most of the series the game is played in the first person perspective with the ability to perform both melee attacks and magic attacks as well. These are both handled differently in terms of performing the attack.

The melee attack is performed by using the mouse and dragging it across the screen. The magic can be found by cycling through a menu of spells opened by a button down in the UI part of the screen. After you have selected the spell you want to use you then will need to click the target of the attack.

The game does feature a very large world that is able to be explored and there is also many farms, inns, small towns, dungeons and a various amount of other stuff that can be explored. This is one of the biggest features of any of the Elder Scrolls games.

The game has been found to be quite hard for any beginners as you can quite easily die in the starting dungeon. However once you start to get a little more powerful the game difficulty does level out a lot better.
Even though the same suggests there will be arena combat the game in fact was released with no arena content at all. This is due to a change over time during the development phase.


Overall Elder Scrolls – Arena is one of the best DOS role playing games there was released on the market. The graphics and sound are of course a bit dated but the gameplay is still as good as ever and still rivals some modern RPGs. Even better is the game is now free can be downloaded from many sources including this website.

Download Elder Scrolls – Arena

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