EGA Walls

Ega Walls Game

EGA Walls is yet another breakout/Arkanoid clone and like most of them it replicates the same gameplay that the games are known for.

There isn’t a huge amount to write about this game as most people are pretty aware what a breakout clone game consists of. This game does add some new gameplay features and offers some power ups in the game but apart from that there isn’t a huge amount to it.

EGA Walls Gameplay

In the game you will be using the keyboard to move your platform left and right this is all the controls you will use. You will need to hit the ball back up towards the bricks otherwise if you miss you will lose a life or the game if you have no morel lives left.

There are a various amount of power ups you can get each of them doing something different and can really help you out when you’re trying break the bricks.

Another great thing about the game is that it offers 2 player gameplay on the same keyboard which is certainly a really cool feature for anyone who loves multiplayer games.


Overall EGA Walls is a decent game that is worth playing through for at least one game. As mentioned above it is yet another breakout clone so don’t expect anything too amazing.

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