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By Arcanum Computing (1994)

EGA Trek is a game that simulates the console at the captain’s chair inside of a star ship. This means you will in charge during an assault by the enemy. The game is quite decent and anyone who loves sci fi might find this game of interest.

The game has colour graphics and looks quite good but like most DOS games it’s not where the game will shine but the gameplay certainly makes up for it.

EGA Trek Gameplay

In the game you will be tasked with conquering all the enemy ships in a certain portion of the galaxy. You will need to use all the weapons and the ship efficiently to be able to get the job done.

The gameplay is very much directing your ship so that you will survive and destroy. There is not a huge amount of action show so this is certainly not for everyone but is certainly a pretty decent classic pc game.


Overall EGA trek is certainly a DOS classic but it does have its flaws such as not much action being show. However the simulation qualities of the game is pretty awesome and certainly makes up for the very little you get to see in the game.

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