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By Linley Henzell (1999)

Dungeon Crawl is a very large game with subterranean exploration in a world of magic and violence. In the game you will need to quest into the depths of the dungeon and you will need to retrieve the Orb of Zot.

If you love roguelike games then this is one you should certainly take a look at even if you play it for a few minutes just to give it a go. However if you are new to the genre you may want to check out Rogue or Nethack first.

Dungeon Crawl Gameplay

At the start of the game you will be presented with a message asking you for your name this will character’s name for the as long as your character remains alive. If this is your first character then you should not dwell on this as you will most likely not survive very long.

Afterwards you will be given a choice of species and characters classes which you will be able to choose. Each race specialises in certain things such as orcs, dwarfs, ogre or trolls are all good being a fighter.

To explore the world all you need to is use the numeric keypad (make sure numlock is off) and you can simply use those keys to able to walk around and explore the world. There are more keys you will need to learn such examine commands and a lot of others so it is important to learn these.

There is a lot more to the game so it is important that you need make sure you read up on it such as things like items, armour, weapons and much more. The game certainly has depth and is worth taking a good look at how to play the game before you start.


Overall Dungeon Crawl is an amazing game and has so much more depth to it you could easily sing many hours into the this game. This is certainly worth the download if you enjoy roguelike games.

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