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By Westwood (1992)

Dune 2 is a RTS that has done amazingly well with the game striking a good balance between complexity and innovation. The game helped build the foundations for many great games such as Command and Conquer, Warcraft and many other great RTS games.

If you love RTS games then you will love playing Dune 2 with a lot of the features that you know and love in modern games.

Dune 2 Gameplay

The gameplay in Dune 2 plays like most modern RTS games where the basic strategy you will need to do in the game is harvest spice from sand dunes using a harvester. These spices are then converted to the currency to spend stuff via a refinery. This is pretty much the same system most of the Command and Conquer games use.

The game starts off with the map completely covered by fog of war this is an area that is not view able by the teams units. You will also need to be watchful as there is a lot of environmental dangers such as gigantic sand worm. You will only be able to build on rocky terrain this is where also where the sand worm won’t be able to get.
The Ai in the dune II is decent and is better than most RTS games to date however it does have its flaws such as not rebuilding defenses and a various amount of other things.
There is plenty more to the game where you should probably read up on but overall the gameplay of the game is really deep and is well worth a game or two.


Overall Dune II is a really good RTS and has helped build the genre up to help produce many amazing games such as Warcraft, Age of empires and more huge starts of the RTS world. This game is well worth the download and playing a few games.

Download Dune 2

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