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By Tim Furnish (1999)

Ducks is a game that is very similar to lemmings where you need to help them through the level to get to the exit. This game is brilliant and you should give it a go for a few minutes or hours if you love it.

If you’re looking for a game that is very familiar to lemmings then this game is one you should check out. There are a few gameplay elements that are really different from Lemmings.

Ducks Gameplay

In Ducks there is a difference in game play then the game it has borrowed heavily from and that is the fact that you are able to decide when and where they move. This makes the game a lot easier and the risk is gone in not looking where you people are walking.

There are plenty of other features that work well in the game and really helps the game be really nice to play.


Overall Ducks is a pretty decent game and if you loved playing Lemmings and would love to be actually able to control your little dudes then this game is certainly one you should play as you will love it.

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