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By Jay Carson (1990)

Doublespyguy is a text mode side scrolling game that is based around jumping. You can create your own levels in the game and much more if you wanted to. The game is interesting and should be worth a few minutes of your time.

If you love arcade like games you will probably love this one as this is very much like an arcade game. There are 50 levels plus the ability to be able to make your own level so it is very handy.

Doublespyguy Gameplay

When you start a level you will notice you guy will be flashing and everything will be frozen. This allows you to scout out the map as soon as you’re ready to go you move your player and everything will start to work like normal.

The overall object of the game is collect all of the boxes on a certain level while avoiding enemies. You will notice in the game you will be jumping a fair bit in order to navigate your way around the map while keeping alive.

You have the ability to pause, replay and toggle the sound if you wanted to. These options are very handy such as pausing will allow you to rethink or go do something else until you come back. The sound button will allow you to turn the sound on and off allowing you to get rid of the noise if it begins to annoy you.


Overall Doublespyguy is a really decent game with many cool features however if you love your graphics you might find this game actually quite hard to look at otherwise you will be fine. The sound in the game is alright but being able to toggle it off is really handy. If you’re interested in jumping games then you should certainly check this one out.

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