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By Soleau Software(1995)

Dotso is game that is based off a popular pen and paper game where you need to join lines up to make a box. This game is often played with 2 people and takes around 10 to 15 minutes to complete one game.

In the game you will need to do a lot of thinking if you’re not a fan of having to think a lot then you might want to give this game a miss. The game is relatively simple and can be a lot of fun when playing with another person.

Dotso Gameplay

When you first launch up the game the computer will automatically generate a board with some random lines that are already drawn in. After that each player will need to add one line at each turn until one of you make a box. If you make a box you get multiple more turns until you can no longer make a new box using one line.

In this shareware version of the game you will play against a computer with the colour you will be is yellow while the AI is red. Sometimes there is grey boxes on the board these blocks cannot be captured and will not alter at all for the duration of the game.

To draw a line you will need to toggle between horizontal lines and vertical lines by pressing the space bar. When you have found the space where you would like to place a line you can press the enter key and that will place the line in the specified spot.


Overall Dotso is a pretty cool game and emulates the popular pen and paper game very well. If you love this sort of game or loved playing it on pen and paper then you will find yourself most likely enjoying this game.

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