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By Some Guy (1986)

DND is a fantasy role playing game that has been inspired by the game known as Dungeons and Dragons. The game is a really decent RPG and you should certainly take a look at it there is a fair bit of depth to it and you will find quite a lot to do.

If you enjoy RPG games and don’t mind the really old school graphics of this one then you will probably find yourself really enjoying many of the features within the game.

DND Gameplay

In the game you will require a bit of patients and have few skills you will find that your character will live to grow in both power and wealth. This will allow you to explore deeper and deeper into uncharted regions.

There are three character types within the game these are the fighter, magician and the cleric. Each of these have both their advantages and disadvantages for example fighters are better in close combat while the magician and cleric are weaker but stronger a range and can cast spells.

DND much like any other RPG has levels to indicate your players’ strength. Experience is used to determine when you will level up.

Gold is the currency in the game and is used to buy weapons, transportations and anything else that would require a purchase. Hit points in the game represents how many hits you can take before dyeing so it is important that you make sure you keep an eye on this in combat.

There are much more to the game so much you will probably need to look into the instruction files to make sure you are up to scratch on the gameplay features.


Overall DND is yet another complex amazing RPG that was built for the DOS operating system. If you love RPG games then you should certainly take a look at this one you will find yourself enjoying the many things this has to offer.

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