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By David Fleming (1993)

Diamond Dash borrows heavily from the classic Lode Runner game. It is pretty much a gem game that involves ladders, getting chased by baddies, collecting diamonds and using your ‘proton accelerator’ to blast holes in the floor to trap them. By trapping them in floor they sometimes release a diamond be careful though as they don’t become trapped forever.

This makes diamond dash a very interesting game if you enjoy a good challenge and something that you usually find on the market then this is a game that you will probably find yourself enjoying.

Diamond Dash Gameplay

The graphics in the game are decent but you will probably find yourself a little underwhelmed with most of the levels being built up of simple graphics. The gameplay however is something that the game is worth playing for. The sound in Diamond Dash are also very basic but if you’re a fan of Lode Runner you will most likely enjoy this game. The game also has a weird addicting feeling to it and if you enjoyed the old Donkey Kong you will most likely like Diamond Dash.

If you’re running this in DOSbox I found the CPU cycle setting to be on around 1200 ~ 1800 but depending now how you like to play games you might want to play around with it to try and get the prefect amount for you.

The basic controls in the game are:

  • Arrow keys control your direction (Up, Down, Left, Right)
  • “Z” Blasts holes to the left
  • “X” Blasts holes to the right
  • “A” Aborts the current life (I found this key really annoying being above z and x)
  • “L” Skips to a new level
  • “Space bar” pauses the game
  • “ESC” exits the program

You will most likely need to download DOSbox in order to run this game.

Download Diamond Dash

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