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By Apogee Software (1996)

Death Rally is a decent racing game that was developed by Remedy and published by Apogee later on. In the game you view your car top down and race around being able to view everything around you such as walls and other cars.

If you like racing games and even better racing games with weapons then you are bound to love this game. This is probably one of the most polished DOS racing games you can find.

Death Rally Gameplay

The gameplay in Death rally has a lot of options to outfit your car and make you best racer on the race course. Every car is able to be upgraded with a various amount of upgrades such as armour, tires and the engine. You can also get temporally upgrades such as land mines, rocket fuel and spikes.

Just before a race starts you are also able to get a loan and also bribe the mechanic to tamper with another player’s race car. This will cause a random amount of damage to the car.

There are three race divisions open on any given days that are open to any driver regardless of what their score may be.  There can only be a maximum of four cars in a race at a given time. It is best to start out on more basic levels as there no bonus or points if you finish last, get destroyed or you are a lap behind the leader. If you do get a proper position however the rewards are a lot better on the more advanced levels.

There is a total of 19 tracks in the game however around about half of them are duplicates rotated and coloured differently. There is also ways to gain extra money for achieving extra objectives such as destroying all the other cars or finishing with less than 25 damage.


Overall Death Rally is a great game the graphics are pretty amazing for its age and the sound in the game again is pleasant to listen to. There are plenty to do in the game with tons of different options and many different race courses to pick from. This game is certainly one you will need to try out.
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