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By John Romero (1990)

Dangerous Dave is a platform side scroller that was developed by John Romero. The game have been relatively popular with many more sequels released after this version. The idea of Dangerous Dave has been heavily under the influence of Super Mario with quite a few similarities.

If you’re looking for a good sidescroller then this will occupy a few hours of your time with their being 10 levels with each progressively getting harder you might find yourself hooked trying to complete the game.

Dangerous Dave Gameplay

The object of the game is guide the character through 10 dangerous areas in clyde’s hideout. You will find gun and jetpacks to help aid you through these conditions. There are some elemental dangers that you will need to watch out for such as fire this will toast Dave.

The game is really simple to control you can simply just use the arrow keys to be able to move around. You will need to jump and navigate your way around each level with some objects/gems requiring a bit of thinking to be able to get to them. There are 10 levels in total in this version of the game but there is still tons to do in the game.

The sound effects in the game are not very good and are probably worth just muting the game altogether as they tend to start to get annoying after a while. The graphics in the game however is pretty decent when you take into account its age. It is certainly a game you should play as the game play in it is one of the better ones.

Overall if you’re looking for a platformer then Dangerous Dave is prefect for you and will give you a few hours of enjoyment. IF you enjoy this one then you should definitely take a look at the sequels as there is quite a few of them.

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