Crystal Caves

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By Apogee Software (1990)

Crystal Caves is actually a trilogy of EGA side scrolling games if you enjoy playing this sort of game then you may be interested in it. The very first game/episode is free but the other two you will need to eventually pay for if you decide to.

The three episodes/games all play pretty much the same in terms of gameplay so if you’re expecting the further 2 episodes to be different then you might want to save your money just stick to the first free episode.

Crystal Caves Gameplay

The game play in the game is actually really easy all you need to do is move Mylo Steamwitz around and collect all the crystals in the level to win the level. You will also need to remove any foes by shooting them you will also need to replenish you ammo making sure you don’t run out.

It is also important to avoid hitting any air supplies as these supplies are vital in your quest to win the level. You are also able to find and turn on and off lights and also switches. All these things play a part in how you will be able to complete the game.

The gameplay involves a little bit of problem solving so if you don’t like this kind of gameplay then I would suggest maybe checking it out for a little or avoiding it completely.

Overall Crystal Caves is a pretty decent game which is not surprising coming from Apogee however the game feels like it doesn’t have the same amount of polish as the first Keen game that was released around about the same time. It is still however a very decent game and is well worth the play. The gameplay is not as good as keen but is certainly still enjoyable this is a must play if you enjoy Apogees games.

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