Crusher Castle 2

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By Soleau Software (1995)

Crusher Castle 2 is a game where you find your way through a haunted house that is made up 25 different and unique rooms that are filled with ghosts. In the game there is a various amount of objects that you may need to collect or avoid.

If you’re looking for a puzzle game then this is a pretty good game that you should check out. It is relatively simple and you will find yourself enjoying this game.

Crusher Castle 2 Gameplay

In the game you start of in the castle in room 13. There is a map that is located on the left side of the screen which will show you where you currently are in the castle at all times. You can simply use the arrow keys to move the man about the castle.

In order to venture out of the castle you will need to acquire 10,000 points. When start out will find that you have some items in your inventory. These can be used to help you get through a level. For example a bomb can be used to blast a box away. To get more bombs, candles or over helpful items you will need to search closes but these don’t always contain nice things and can spit out harmful objects.

There are enemies in the game these are known as ghosts there are different colored ghosts each move at a different pace. You are able to trap a ghost with boxes so they are unable to move. The ghost will then vanish and you will get rewarded with points. However if you attempt to trap two ghosts together they won’t be considered trapped and will need to be trapped separately.

You will lose the game whenever you run out of candles or you lose all your lives. The game will record your score if it is within the top 10 and will ask you to enter your initials.
Overall Crusher Castle 2 is a great game and has a decent amount of length to it and is really worth the download.

Download Crusher Castle 2

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