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By Kevin A. Bjorke

Core war is game that looks into the inside of a simulated core is represents not only a computer battle zone but also programs and soldiers that reside and execute there. This kind of game allows the user to write some sort of program that will kind of resemble assembly language.

The language that you will use in Core War is a simplified version of assembly with programs being a maximum line length of 127 with a choice of 15 commands.

Core war Gameplay

As mentioned above you will be writing lines of code these are known as programs and will be placed in the Core War world (Shell). In the side the shell they will attempt to outlive any other players that

As this is a game the execution of a program is called an organism this can be witnessed by the programmer such as you.  You are able to load up to 15 organisms into the game. The environment that the game plays in allows you to subtract organisms and also add them. You can also pause, restart or quit the game.

I was unable to get this game running on my computer so I would highly recommend if you wanted to get the game to run you will need to look for a good tutorial. I found this one pretty large and quite interesting to read core war tutorial. It is mentioned in this tutorial that you might find learning the code of this game quite tedious and hard so unless you have genuine interest in the game I would suggest moving onto a another DOS game.

Overall Core War really is a game that will probably not enjoy unless you have a genuine interest of programing or already have the programing skills to make this game enjoyable. It is probably best to find a another DOS game to play with.

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