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By Mike Wiering (2000)

Charlie the Duck is a Mario like game where you will be running across the screen collect coins and defeating enemies. The game is really good quality and is worth taking a look at if you’re into side scrolling games.

The gameplay mainly consists of just getting to the new level but there is a few things what have been added to help mix up the gameplay a bit such as extra strong enemies.

Charlie The Duck Gameplay

The gameplay as mentioned above plays very similar to what you would find in the old school Mario side scrolling games. The object of the game is to get to the end of the level while you’re making your way through the level you are able to collect coins and defeat enemies.

In the game you have no weapons so in order to defeat any enemy you will need to jump on top of its head. This will kill the enemy unless it’s a stronger type then you may need to this twice. There is also so spiky like enemies that you will only take a damage if you jump on top of it.

There are a various amount of blocks in the world as well some will make you jump higher and others are breakable and will often contain items inside. There are also others that are unbreakable it helps mix up the gameplay and sometimes offers new challenges or solutions to the way you can play the game.

Overall Charlie The Duck is a really good game the graphics are nice and is actually good to look at.  The sound effects are pretty decent as well. The gameplay mechanics are simple but are still enjoyable for most players. The game seemed to play well most of the time with no major bugs or slowdowns.

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