Bombs and Bugs

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By AWKWARD Software

Bombs and Bugs is a bomber man style game where you use bombs to destroy obstacles to gain power ups and kill other bugs. In the game you can you can play with up to four players with the computer able to play as many bugs as possible.

This game features a few different levels and very fun gameplay it is worth downloading you will probably end up getting hooked to the game as it is pretty cool.

Bombs and Bugs Gameplay

In the game you will notice the playing arena consist of solid, destroyable stones and other objects. The destroyable objects will often contain some nice power ups that will allow you to improve your poor little bug to make it tougher and stronger in various amount of ways.

To destroy these you simply need to drop a bomb next to it, the explosion will then destroy all non-solid objects in its vicinity. Be careful as if you are also touched by the explosion you will die unless you have a shield what is gained by finding it as a power up. In the event of dying you will lose all your power ups that will be scattered around where the other bugs that are still alive will be able to pick them up.

The bug that is the last one standing will score 5 points and whoever has the highest amount of points at the end of a round of games will win the game.

Overall this game is pretty good and you will find yourself loving much about this game. The graphics in the game is good and is pretty detailed in terms of the 2d graphics. The sound in the game is good as well and I didn’t need to turn it off to be able to enjoy the actual game. Bugs and bombs should be a game that is on your download list and is well worth the time it takes to look at it.

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