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By Patrick Pich (1993)

Bomber is an action game where the object is to fly a plane up the screen shooting and bombing targets. You are equipped with a cannon, machine gun and plenty of bombs and has been slightly modified for this game.

This game features decent VGA graphics but because it is a scrolling flying game you will probably see the same graphics quite a bit over and over. The sound in the game is decent however you may want to turn it off.

Bomber Gameplay

The object in the game is to destroy as many bases on the path of the bomber you are controlling. This is harder than what you may first thing as you will find many obstacles on the way such as helicopters, warships, tanks and other war machines.

The controls in the game are easy to use and you will not have any trouble with controlling your bomber. You will find to eliminate the ground troops you will need to use bombs and any air units will need to be taken down using your machine gun.

There are a total of three bases to be destroyed in the game with you starting out in a forest about 200km away from the first one. To get there you will need to survive and fight off anyone who is trying to stop you or slow your progress down.

Overall Bomber is a great game and is well worth playing it as it is enjoyable while the graphics are still pretty decent. The game ran well in DOSbox however you will find yourself that when you get shot down the screen will rotate and it seems to go really slow and get stuck in a infinite loop. You can turn this off in the command line in DOSbox before you launch the game by writing BOMBER –NOSPIN.

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