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By Hamster Republic (1994)

Bob the hamster is a game that has been inspired by many of the classic arcade games such as Dig Dug. This game is a really good remake that attempts to capture the old arcade games.

The game is a puzzle but more of an arcade game where you will need to work out the easiest way for you to complete a level.

Bob The Hamster Gameplay

The gameplay is very simple where to object is to collect all the carrots on the given map. This will need to be done by digging your way to them while avoiding any enemy that may try to kill you.

There are different types of enemies just as shovel, spider and much more. Each of these has a unique ability that can certainly mix the gameplay up. These enemies are often not very smart so you’re able to really bypass them easily most the time that makes the game a lot easier.

The game also contains a level editor so you’re able to make your own levels and populate them with the enemies that you want to choose. This makes it a great additional feature that will add much more gameplay value per level.

The graphics in the game are decent and the sound is alright as well. The sound like most dos games can get annoying but this can be switched off easily.

Overall the game does play well and is well presented so you will find yourself playing a few hours with this one.

Download Bob The Hamster

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