Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Game

Beauty and the beast is a game based on the Disney animated move any you will notice there is a lot of people and objects you will recognise from the movie.

This game is designed for younger gamers so if you don’t enjoy low level violence or non-complicated games then you will probably want to avoid this game.

Beauty and the Beast Gameplay

In the game you have the goal to help the enchanted objects that are in the beast’s castle to help get Belle fall in love with the beast as the ball. You will assist in many different tasks each with their own unique puzzle and storyline.

A good example is assisting cooking where you will need to click on a various amount of objects to solve a puzzle. The one from game is to help eggs get from the top shelf of the kitchen down to where you will need it on the bottom level.

This game features many digital versions of the songs from the move however it does lack any kind of voice acting that can be slightly disappointing.

This version of the game is only a demo so you will only be able to play the first level out of a total of seven.

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