Download AbuseBy Crack Dot Com (1996)

Abuse is a great side scrolling action game that offers some pretty cool things and is worth playing if you like action side scrolling games.

I was able to play this game on DOSbox with no problems at all with a good frame rate and no issues with the game running odd.

This is one of the better games that you can download for free and should be watched if you enjoy action games as mentioned above.

Abuse Game Play

In Abuse you control the character with quite a unique system you don’t see often in a DOS games and certainly works pretty well. You can use your mouse to aim the gun while the keyboard is used to control the movement of the character.

There are many levels and different power ups that you can play throughout the game adding a lot more value to the game. This is a perfect game for anyone who loves action side scrolling games.
The game has nice graphics and looks really good for a DOS game and is certainly worth looking at if you enjoy a good game that plays well and is good to look at. The sound effects of the game are also again good with the sounds fitting in nicely with the game.

Download Abuse
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