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By Eli Babila (1999)

A-pac is very similar to the classic known as CD-man if you have ever played it. If you haven’t played CD-man then A-pac has really attempted at refreshing the old school pac man game with new graphics, sounds and other cool little features here and there. It does the a pretty good job at recreating the good ole Pac-Man gameplay with most of the original features of the game unmodified.

A-Pac Gameplay

A-pac when it comes to the game is pretty much the same as what you would find in the original pac-man so if you’re looking for something that is unique you will not find it here. That being said it does still keep much of the quality features that you would find in the original pac-man.

Take a look at A-pac’s gameplay below

A-pac features many cool new different level themes what are pretty cool to play on with most the game generally pretty well done. However as I mentioned above if you’re looking for new game-play features or a huge twist from the original then you won’t find it here unfortunately. However it is definitely worth the download.

You will need to launch the game through DOSbox in order to run it on most versions of windows.  The Controls for the game is “space” to start a game and then you can just use the arrow keys to move.

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